Thinking about being a stay at home mom but not sure where to start ?

Get a step-by-step, 25 page guide that helps you decide if you’re ready to be a stay at home mom! 

Becoming a stay at home mom can be a big decision to make. Not only might it be a big decision for you as an individual, but it is also a big decision that will affect the whole family.

You need this Stay at Home Mom Planning Guide, created so that moms can make a plan to help them become successful stay at home moms.

Make a Plan

Plan for the future! Think about finances, your relationship, household responsibilities, children, and more.

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Learn how to discuss the future with your partner or spouse. Use the questionnaire to have conversations about being a stay at home mom for your family.

stay at home mom in chair with baby


Put your plan in action! Use your plan to be a successful stay at home mom.


Step-By-Step Guide

New to the stay-at-home mom life? Start at Step 1 and work your way to Step 8 using this easy to follow guide. Take your time working through each section! 

Fill-in-the-blank Worksheets

Use the fill-in-the-blank checklists and questionnaire to make your plan and implement it. 


Not only will you get support from me, you can also get support from other stay-at-home moms in a private support group. Ask questions, get answers, share tips, and more!

25 Pages!

stay at home mom where to begin

This simple planning guide has 25 pages that will guide you through the process of becoming a stay at home mom. It has 8 steps to follow, helping you to make the most informed decision in your journey to becoming a stay at home mom. 

You can use the companion worksheets to have meaningful conversations with your partner/spouse so that you both can make the best decisions for your family. 

Each step will help you to think about topics that may not have crossed your mind yet, such as :

  • talking about your family’s future
  • dividing household responsibilities 
  • planning to leave a job
  • making a budget
  • cutting back and saving money
  • making a backup plan
  • creating ways to take breaks
  • staying connected to your partner/spouse
  • and more. 

Inside you’ll find:

  • A step-by-step guide 
  • Tips and suggestions from an experienced stay at home mom
  • Companion worksheets to help you make a solid plan

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